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7 Pregnancy Sleeping Tips for a More Restful Night

Anxiety, fluctuating hormones, stress, and experiencing annoyances like the uncomfortable urge to pee every 5 minutes is not how you envisioned your nights during pregnancy. And as the days tick down your belly gets bigger, your baby’s kicks get stronger, and tiny chunks of time spent lying awake at night unfold into hours. It’s as if external forces are maliciously preparing you for inevitable sleepless nights when your little one finally arrives.


You’re not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 78 percent of women experience challenging sleep patterns during their pregnancy. First-time moms used to a deep snooze are especially unprepared for loss of sleep.


We’re on your side—it’s not fair for mother nature to deprive you of sleep when you so desperately need it for your developing baby and your well-being. So before you really won’t have a chance, let’s look into a few tricks that’ll help hit the snooze button on sleeping difficulties.


Skip the Late-Night Snacking


We know you’re feeding for two, but when it comes to sleep, a little bit of hunger is better than a lot of discomfort. It’s recommended that you skip the snacks and drinks and don’t eat or drink two hours or more before bedtime. The positioning of your body lying down combined with digesting food or liquid is a breeding ground for heartburn and reflux, which you’re exponentially more prone to when you’re pregnant.


Heartburn causes discomfort, and discomfort causes sleeplessness. Plan your meals accordingly and make sure to utilize all self-control possible when it comes to late-night cravings.


Keep it Cool—And Comfortable


Your average body heat increases while you’re pregnant and you’ll experience increased temperature fluctuations—mostly in the form of sticky, hot, sweaty situations . More heat means getting overheated more often, and a stuffy room won’t help you drift off into dreamland. Dr. Mingrone, lead physician at EoS sleep in San Francisco, says this for those who are pregnant: “For most people, setting the thermostat to the low 60s [degrees Fahrenheit] is an ideal sleeping temperature”


Apart from low thermostat settings, take care of yourself and your pregnancy by investing in a gel memory foam mattress. The gel covers help you sleep cooler through the night, and memory foam provides a snug, cloudlike base that helps to curb pregnancy backaches that are often instigated by uncomfortable spring mattresses. Plus, odds are your mattress is past its 8-year expiration date anyways.


Cut the Lights and Unplug


This is true for anyone with sleeping difficulties. Bright lights at nighttime—this includes bright TVs, tablets, and smartphones—trick your mind into staying wound up and energized, thinking that there’s more to be done before the day comes to a close. As your night is winding down, turn off any bright lights and light some candles instead, and limit your electronic use. If you need more light, try an amber bulb. It’ll help to promote natural melatonin production. 


Relax and Treat Yourself


Instead of stressing about whether or not you’re going to sleep, turn your evenings into a relaxing sleep-prep affair full of pampering. Some things you can do to get yourself in sleepy-time mood are:


-Take a warm bath with essential oils (lavender is the ultimate calming scent)

-Listen to some soothing music

-Read a chapter of a good book—try a novel with a happy story

-Make a deal with your partner for a 5-10 minute shoulder and foot massage every night

-Meditate or do some prenatal yoga


Buy a Pregnancy Pillow


After 20 weeks, it’s recommended that expecting moms sleep strictly on their left side to allow sufficient blood flow to the fetus as well as to your uterus an kidneys. Placing limitations on how you’re allowed to sleep physically and psychologically makes getting comfortable every night a stressful endeavor.


Enter pregnancy pillows. These soft, supportive nighttime nooks are designed to help you sleep comfortably and will save the day (actually, the night). They come in full-length, c-shaped, u-shaped, and inflatable, all catering to varying sleeping positions of moms-to-be. Basically, a pregnancy pillow will hug you to sleep.


Keep Daytime Naps to a Minimum


Napping throughout the day can help anyone recharge. But excessive napping can make for a full night of tossing and turning.


If you can push through a tired day and avoid a nap altogether, your body is more likely to give way to sleep at night. The easier you make it for yourself to get into a nighttime sleeping rhythm, the more likely your mind will fall into the pattern of being excited for a restful night as soon as your head hits the pillow. If your eyes feel like lead weights and you desperately need to rest your eyes, keep your daytime naps under 30 minutes. Longer naps will leave you in a groggier state than you were before and won’t contribute to your nighttime snooze hours.


Be Diligent With Exercise


Sometimes getting moving can feel as easy as weightlifting a bus by yourself. But once you start to put one foot in front of the other, the rewards of exercise far outweigh the piles of motivation it takes to get off the couch.


On average, more active expectant mothers have an easier time getting rest through the night. When you go on walks, do prenatal yoga, or work out under the supervision of a trainer, you’re filling your blood with oxygen, which will help you sleep better at night. Working out one or two hours before bed can have the opposite effect, though, as exercise will release adrenaline and it will take a while to subside in your body.



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